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  • The Costs of Prison Overpopulation for Taxpayers

    Posted Oct 31st, 2012 By in Orange County Criminal News With | Comments Off on The Costs of Prison Overpopulation for Taxpayers

    Taxpayers feel an immense amount of pressure on a regular basis because there are many different types of tax payments required. These include:

    • Income tax
    • Payroll tax
    • Excise tax
    • Estate tax
    • Sales tax
    • Transfer tax
    • Corporate tax
    • Toll tax
    • Consumption tax

    Aside from this, it appears that the pressure is growing as more and more criminals saturate prisons around the world. Although convicts are being restrained behind bars in order to free the public from harm, their presence is beginning to affect taxpayers financially and drain them of hard-earned funds.

    Tax Costs Continue to Rise
    In the year 2009, taxpayers were left with the burden of paying more than $1 billion to keep these culprits in confinement, which equates to an average of $25,000 per inmate. As time progresses, the number of people in jail is increasing and this really tells the story of our incarceration nation.

    As if the $1 billion price tag was not harsh enough, a 2010 report conducted by ‘The Price of Prisons’ displays that the annual collective cost for taxpayers exceeded $63.4 billion. Recent reports show an increase in that amount, with U.S. prisons costing taxpayers up to $228 billion each year. So, with so much money being demanded, what exactly is the money being used for?

    Tax dollars pay for things like:

    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Lodging
    • Food

    Overpopulation Is Leading to Deaths
    The consistent surge in costs is linked directly to the overpopulation of prisons. Overpopulation plagues every prison throughout America, and the rate for incarceration is at an all-time high, with regional prisons dealing with over 70 percent surplus inmates. To try and tackle this problem, assessments, treatment and drug testing were offered by prisons such as the one in Santa Cruz County.

    Despite a 25 percent drop in inmates after testing this method, it seems the results were not long-term enough. An estimated 1 in 100 adults will be incarcerated in America, and with inmates dying in relation to overpopulation, it seems there is more than one negative connotation associated with the overcrowding of prisons.

    As more people are convicted of felonies and imprisoned for nonviolent offenses, especially due to California’s harsh 3 Strikes Law, this ‘trend’ is only going to continue. And remember: it doesn’t just hurt convicted inmates and their loved ones; it affects you, the taxpayer, as well.

    About the Author
    Jake Brower is a leading Orange County defense attorney, with years of experience handling a wide variety of legal cases. As a criminal defense lawyer, Jake Brower provides aggressive defense for his clients and uses all treatment alternatives available to secure treatment instead of jail time. His practice has and continues to earn high marks in the legal profession, and his primary concern is giving his clients the representation they deserve.

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