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  • How to Help Prevent Identity Theft

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    Identity theft can happen to anyone. An impostor steals your sensitive information to obtain credit, services, possessions, rentals, loans, and anything you could ever think of for your own life. They could drain your bank account, max out your credit cards, pay for medical treatments, and open new accounts. But not only that, a thief …

  • What is White Collar Crime?

    Posted Mar 29th, 2013 By in Criminal Law, Uncategorized With | Comments Off on What is White Collar Crime?

    A number of us have seen the USA show White Collar, about an art thief con artist who helps an FBI agent with cases in exchange for limited freedoms. But that’s not quite what “white collar” is–it’s not the act of a criminal helping an FBI agent. The term is actually about crimes that are …

  • Jail versus Probation Time

    Posted Jul 29th, 2012 By in Jail, Probation, realignment With | Comments Off on Jail versus Probation Time

    A few months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling requiring California to reduce its prison population, which has resulted in an unintended consequence of inmates realignments. Some argue that this will result in some criminal offenders (misdemeanors and low level felonies) choosing to take jail time over probation because county jails have been …

  • Criminal Law and Procedure: Probation Condition

    Posted Jul 12th, 2012 By in Criminal Law, Marijuana and Pot Shops, Probation With | Comments Off on Criminal Law and Procedure: Probation Condition

    The Daily Appellate Report shared a case explaining how the court system “may impose probation condition that prohibits defendant from using medical marijuana where condition related to crimes of conviction and future criminality.” In this specific case, defendant was stopped due to expired registration on his truck. The vehicle’s registration had been expired for over …

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