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  • How to Protect Yourself By Asserting Your Miranda Rights

    Posted Jun 4th, 2012 By in Criminal Law, Interrogation Process, Miranda Rights With | Comments Off on How to Protect Yourself By Asserting Your Miranda Rights

    The Daily Appellate Report shares a case about a juvenile‚Äôs repeated requests to speak with his mother during post-Miranda waiver interview and how it was perceived as not being a clear assertion of Miranda rights under the circumstances of the case. In Davis v. United States (1994) 512 U.S. 452 (Davis) the U.S. Supreme Court …

  • Has a Background Check Cost You a Job?

    Posted May 17th, 2012 By in Background Checks, Criminal Law, New Criminal Case Law With | Comments Off on Has a Background Check Cost You a Job?

    The LA Times shared an article recently discussing errors in background checks on job applicants that they might cost them the job. In the past few years, it has become a common practice for employers to run background checks on a candidate. That being said, the service is offered by Internet companies that accumulate public …

  • Criminal Law in a Child Endangerment Case

    Posted Mar 14th, 2012 By in Child Endangerment, Second degree murder With | Comments Off on Criminal Law in a Child Endangerment Case

    The Daily Appellate Report, February 8th issue, shared the story of parents who disregarded their daughter’s needs and ended up being charged with second degree murder. A 17 year old, who suffered from type 1 diabetes, died as a result of complications related to the disease. The victim was diagnosed with a condition where her …

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