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  • For CA Prisons, 46,000 is a Crowd

    Posted Jul 5th, 2013 By in Prisons With | Comments Off on For CA Prisons, 46,000 is a Crowd

    You might have heard last week that California’s plans to release over 10,000 inmates hit a snag when Governor Brown requested a delay for a federal order to do so. For years, California’s large prison population has been a huge source of political drama and financial problems for the state. Despite multiple efforts from state …

  • DUI Resolutions to Protect Your Rights

    Posted Jun 28th, 2013 By in DUI With | Comments Off on DUI Resolutions to Protect Your Rights

    It’s well known that the Fourth of July has one of the highest rates of DUI arrests of any day of the year. Hopefully, you and your loved ones will have a safe, happy celebration of our nation’s independence. However, if you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated, there are several courses of action that an …

  • Your Right to an Attorney Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

    Posted Jun 7th, 2013 By in Criminal Law, Jail With | Comments Off on Your Right to an Attorney Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

    U.S. citizens haven’t always had the guaranteed constitutional right to an attorney. This month marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case, Gideon v. Wainright. The case involved a man by the name of Clarence Earl Gideon, charged with burglary, who was subsequently denied counsel by Florida courts. Once convicted and imprisoned, Gideon …

  • Famous Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Posted May 24th, 2013 By in Celebrity Arrests, Celebrity Crimes, Criminal Law With | Comments Off on Famous Criminal Defense Attorneys

    It does one good to have someone to look up to, someone that represents a standard that you one day may wish to achieve. Even criminal defense lawyers recognize the heft behind other powerhouse attorneys’ names. Below are the top ten most notable criminal defense lawyers in recent news that you may recognize. Johnnie Cochran – …

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