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  • Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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    Not everyone admits to everything. Even people we love will keep secrets. Sometimes, those secrets are dangerous. It’s better to recognize the warning signs and do something about it than to experience degenerating relationships, weakening health, financial difficulty, and/or legal troubles. When those you love abuse drugs and alcohol, the consequences also affect you. If you think your loved ones could be using and/or abusing drugs and alcohol but aren’t yet certain, here are some signs that you can look for.

    1. “A person’s behavior. Many individuals with an addiction to drugs or alcohol start to neglect their obligations, such as work, school, and household responsibilities. They may also become withdrawn and sulky which puts a strain on their relationships with parents, partners, children, friends, and colleagues. Excessive sleeping, twitching, and sniffling are common indicators as well.
    2. “Physical appearance. Drug and alcohol abusers are sometimes characterized by extreme weight loss, body odor, and bloodshot eyes. Other common signs include constant sweating, slurred speech, dilated pupils, and nosebleeds.
    3. “Unexplained mood swings. You should be mindful of sudden outbursts, hyperactivity, and an indifference to critical events. Some individuals may be melodramatic or secretive.
    4. “Economic state. Most substance abusers always need to borrow money after they’ve gone on an expensive drug or alcohol binge. They lose sight of how to manage money effectively and easily slip into debt, trying to find ways to fund their next high.”

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