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  • Pot Shops; to Ban or not to Ban

    Posted Mar 27th, 2012 By in Criminal Law, Marijuana and Pot Shops, Prescription Abuse With | Comments Off on Pot Shops; to Ban or not to Ban

    In a recent LA Times (LATEXTRA) issue, there was an article sharing a recent state court decision that rejects bans on pot shots. Conflicting with other appellate court rulings, the decision was issued by a panel of a three-judge Court of Appeal in Santa Ana.

    The decision is “the first in the state to prohibit cities from enacting zoning restrictions that effectively ban all Marijuana dispensaries,” wrote Maura Dolan, LA Times.

    Local governments cannot prohibit medical Marijuana shops via this ruling. The restriction that comes with this decision states that all of the products must be grown on site; which refers to the following:

    • On site of sale
    • On site of the company that owns the dispensary (as some sellers grows are based in giant warehouses.)

    It will be interesting to see how this case develops.

    I can tell you though that, in Orange County, arrests almost always come out of someone in the supply chain reselling their “medicine;” then sure enough law enforcement comes down on them.

    I have witnessed several cases where the growing equipment is left and the plant is taken since the grow is “legal” but the action of selling outside of the prescriptions is what does them in.

    Do you need direction or advice on how to approach this issue? Consult me with me today directly at 714-547-4000 for free consultation.

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