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  • Latest in CA Prison Reform: Brown Open to Improving Realignment Law

    Posted Apr 4th, 2014 By in Prisons With | Comments Off on Latest in CA Prison Reform: Brown Open to Improving Realignment Law

    California-Gov.-Jerry-Brown-D-via-ShutterstockCalifornia’s prison system has long been under a period of reform efforts. This past month, Gov. Brown was given another deadline extension to solve the state’s prison overcrowding problems. On Wednesday, Gov. Brown defended the realignment law but stated he was open to possible improvements. His statement highlighted many prison concerns like making sure inmates have access to proper mental health treatments as needed.

    The realignment law, pushed by Brown, took effect in October 2011. He saw it as a way of reducing prison spending while lowering the inmate population in response to federal court orders. It keeps most lower-level offenders in county jails instead of sending them to state prisons.

    Brown told the Alliance of California Law Enforcement during its annual legislative day that state and local governments are still trying to find the “right mix” between incarceration and rehabilitation. Organizers include associations representing district attorneys, police chiefs, probation officers and county sheriffs.

    He described the law’s rollout to date as “so far, so good.” He also defended the law’s approach of letting each of California’s 58 counties independently decide how to implement its provisions. That includes letting them decide how to spend a total of $1 billion a year allocated by the state specifically for realignment-related operations.

    “It’s working at the local level in different ways from the north to the south,” Brown told reporters afterward.

    Brown said during his speech that county officials have told him they are concerned about getting criminals proper mental health and drug abuse treatment. That is one of many concerns to arise since the law took effect.

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