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  • How Your Criminal Background Check Can Be Used

    Posted Feb 25th, 2014 By in Background Checks With | Comments Off on How Your Criminal Background Check Can Be Used

    A new San Francisco ordinance now limits the use of an individual’s criminal background check.  Not only does the law limit employer use, but housing provider use as well.  Applications for each will be barred from inquiring into an applicant’s history of convictions, including one’s that happened as a juvenile.

    The Fair Chance Ordinance requires employers employing 20 or more workers regardless of location–including employment agencies, contractors, subcontractors and housing providers–to limit the use of criminal history information. An estimated one in four California adults has an arrest or conviction record, according to the ordinance.

    Employers, housing providers and contractors, including construction contractors, are barred from asking or conducting a background check until the entity determines that the individual’s qualifications meet the requirements for the position or affordable housing unit. Conviction history may be obtained after the first live interview.

    Not covered under the ordinance are contracts worth less than $5,000 in a fiscal year and property contracts of less than 30 days’ duration. Only applicants and employees who would be or are performing work in furtherance of a contract within the city are covered.

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