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  • How to Help Prevent Identity Theft

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    Identity theft can happen to anyone. An impostor steals your sensitive information to obtain credit, services, possessions, rentals, loans, and anything you could ever think of for your own life. They could drain your bank account, max out your credit cards, pay for medical treatments, and open new accounts. But not only that, a thief could use your information to commit other crimes, and your financial credibility could be destroyed by the time you discover the crime.

    Identity thieves can scrounge around for your information in the garbage, the mail, or even hacking and phishing on the Internet. They can also pretend to be a company representative that you might trust. Thankfully, there are preventative measures that you can use.

    • Invest in a paper shredder to destroy personal documents before throwing them out. Those documents include credit card offers, bills, checks, statements, receipts, old credit cards, etc.
    • Shield the ATM keys while you enter your PIN so no one can look over your shoulder or see the PIN in the security camera.
    • Retrieve your new checks from the bank to limit the possibility of thieves stealing your checks from the mail.
    • Drop important or sensitive mail in the official U.S. post office or mailbox instead of leaving it in your mail slot at home.
    • Check if you received your new credit card as scheduled to be sure you received it on time. If it’s longer, someone may have used its information already.
    • Cancel cards that haven’t been used for at least six months.
    • Never carry your Social Security card, birth certificate, and Medicare card in your wallet.
    • Refrain from giving sensitive information to people who contact you first.
    • Sign up for business cards and credit cards that feature your photo on the front to make identity verification easier.
    • Limit what sensitive information you share online.
    • Control the data that others could see when they log in to your computer.


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