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  • GPS Tracking of Offenders Effectiveness Under Scrutiny

    Posted Jul 9th, 2014 By in Probation With | Comments Off on GPS Tracking of Offenders Effectiveness Under Scrutiny


    Federal probation officials responsible for monitoring convicts on probation with GPS tracking devices are under scrutiny from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after two offenders with the devices were charged with murder. The effectiveness of GPS tracking has been put into question before, but now it is with a new intensity.

    At the request of U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will begin tracking efforts by federal probation to upgrade GPS technology and expand its ability to detect crime.

    Issa, the committee’s chairman, wants to ensure that federal probation follows through on recommendations to improve offender supervision and address “the lapse that occurred” in the Orange County case, spokesman Frederick Hill said.

    Though two Orange County men were prohibited from being together and wore GPS devices, officials say they routinely met without facing serious consequences. Their federal probation supervisors were unaware of the close relationship and never tried comparing their GPS data.

    But after local police charged the men with slaying four women, federal probation’s inability to detect the gatherings fell into the public spotlight. As investigations were launched, state and federal lawmakers questioned whether sex offender supervision was adequate.

    “It was not recognized at an early enough point that this individual had engaged in problematic and a continuing pattern of behavior that was inconsistent with the terms of his (probation),” Hill said.

    In a May report reviewing the case, probation officials recommended that the federal court system examine changes “to facilitate easier identification of two or more offenders associating while on GPS monitoring.” Hill said the House committee will be monitoring this effort.

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