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  • DUI Resolutions to Protect Your Rights

    Posted Jun 28th, 2013 By in DUI With | Comments Off on DUI Resolutions to Protect Your Rights

    It’s well known that the Fourth of July has one of the highest rates of DUI arrests of any day of the year. Hopefully, you and your loved ones will have a safe, happy celebration of our nation’s independence.

    However, if you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated, there are several courses of action that an accused drunk driver can take. Recently, a Florida man sued a state trooper for false arrest, after two Breathalyzers and a blood test indicated he was not intoxicated while driving. In another instance, an Arizona man is also taking steps toward a lawsuit after a false DUI arrest.

    If you think, you’ve been unjustly arrested for driving while intoxicated, crimnal defense attorney Jake Brower can help you. Some of the solutions that a good criminal defender might be able to help you through include:

    1. Sue for False Arrest.

    • Officers must have probable cause that a crime was committed in order to make an arrest, and that includes arrests for DUI.
    • Evidence of probable cause for a DUI stop and arrest often includes:
    • Failure of field sobriety tests,
    • Reading of 0.08% blood alcohol concentration or above on a Breathalyzer,
    • The smell of alcohol on a driver’s breath,
    • Bloodshot eyes, and/or
    • Traffic violations/erratic driving.

    2. Sue for Being Set Up.
    In some rare cases, however, other parties may be to blame for a false or unfair DUI arrest. In one particularly egregious case, a California man sued his estranged wife and an ex-cop who allegedly conspired to get him intoxicated and then pulled over as part of a so-called “dirty DUI” scheme. The man also sued the officer who made the DUI arrest.

    3. Get Your Arrest Record Removed.
    Regardless of whether you were sober when you were pulled over, a DUI arrest can often mean a record of your arrest on your criminal record, and often a criminal mug shot.
    While removing the mug shot from the Internet may be somewhat difficult, expunging criminal records for a false DUI arrest is generally much simpler. The process varies by state, but records of arrest for false DUIs, or any related charge for which you were found not guilty, can beexpunged or sealed from your record.

    Have you or a loved one recently been arrested on DUI charges? Jake Brower is here to help you. Call him today for a free consultation at 714-547-4000 or click here to send him a message about your circumstances.

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