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  • Famous Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Posted May 24th, 2013 By in Celebrity Arrests, Celebrity Crimes, Criminal Law With | Comments Off on Famous Criminal Defense Attorneys

    It does one good to have someone to look up to, someone that represents a standard that you one day may wish to achieve. Even criminal defense lawyers recognize the heft behind other powerhouse attorneys’ names. Below are the top ten most notable criminal defense lawyers in recent news that you may recognize. Johnnie Cochran – …

  • Celebrity Mugshots

    Posted Mar 15th, 2013 By in Celebrity Arrests, Celebrity Crimes With | Comments Off on Celebrity Mugshots

    California, where most celebrities who lead thrilling lives are arrested. Be it for possession, speeding, DUIs, battery, or whatever else they manage to do in the public eye, there are mugshots to commemorate the event. And they aren’t pretty. In case you ever wondered what some of them look like while belligerent, under the influence, and …

  • Is a Plea Bargain the Way to Go?

    Posted May 1st, 2012 By in Battery Charge, Celebrity Arrests, Celebrity Crimes, Plea Agreement, Plea bargain With | Comments Off on Is a Plea Bargain the Way to Go?

    What is it that would make a difference in your case? What is it that could help you secure the best plea deal? We hear stories, day in and day out; and we read about cases in newspapers and online, where things went wrong or where situations had gotten better. So what makes the difference …

  • Celebrity Crimes: Withdrawing Pleas

    Posted Apr 3rd, 2012 By in Celebrity Arrests, Celebrity Crimes, Criminal Law, Plea Withdraw With | Comments Off on Celebrity Crimes: Withdrawing Pleas

    A couple of weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times featured a story about former New York Mets Star and financial guru, Lenny Dykstra; accused of grand theft auto and filing false financial statements. Refusing to be labelled a criminal, Dykstra admits not being proud of his actions but he didn’t apologize to the victims of …

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