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  • California Drug Reform? Not Anytime Soon.

    Posted Oct 17th, 2013 By in Marijuana and Pot Shops With | Comments Off on California Drug Reform? Not Anytime Soon.

    While some advocacy groups have been trying to solve some of California’s drug problems through reform, it looks like sentencing will not be up for debate anytime soon.

    California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) vetoed a bill on Saturday to reduce the penalty for offenders caught for simple drug possession. Senate Bill 649 would have given judges and prosecutors the option of making drug possession charges misdemeanors instead of felonies. If convicted, instead of prison or jail, those individuals would have been sent to substance-abuse treatment centers, and sentenced to probation or ordered to perform community service. The measure, authored by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), passed both legislative houses, and many were hopeful it would help reduce California’s severely overcrowded prison system. “The governor let down the people of California, the majority of whom support going even farther than this bill would have gone,” said Lynne Lyman, California state director for the Drug Policy Alliance, one of the bill’s sponsors. “The vast majority of voters agree with the experts — locking up drug users is stupid, unproductive, cruel and expensive.” In California’s judicial system, methamphetamine, LSD and certain other drugs are known as “wobblers,” meaning that possession of those substances can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Leno’s bill would have extended this “wobbler” approach to possession of heroin, cocaine and most other drugs, which currently can only be charged as felonies.

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