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  • Bail Has Decreased the Number of Inmates in Jail

    Posted Nov 6th, 2012 By in Criminal Law, Jail With | Comments Off on Bail Has Decreased the Number of Inmates in Jail

    The number of inmates in jails has reduced in many states over the past decade, mainly due to the use of commercial bail bonds. According to a study done by the U.S. Department of Justice, many people are paying bail to stay out of jail as they await the outcome of their cases.

    However, some parties feel that commercial bail leads to the overcrowding of jails and have been advocating for their abolishment. Led by The National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies, the parties claim that the inability of many inmates to raise bond leads to unnecessary crowding of jail cells. In a 2010 report, National Public Radio (NPR) also argued that bail bonds actually increase the number of inmates in jail.

    Recently released reports are showing, however, that bail bonds have in fact helped to keep jails from being overcrowded – or at least less overcrowded. For example, in January 2012, the Harris County (Texas) jail population fell to 8,573 inmates, which represents 87 percent of its capacity. In the past years, the jail has been mostly overcrowded, sometimes holding more than 12,000 inmates. Some of the inmates had to be transferred to Louisiana or elsewhere in Texas due to overcrowding.

    According to the Pretrial Services in Harris, 60,179 misdemeanors defenders were jailed in 2011. )f those, 2,608 paid cash bonds, 4.441 were granted personal bonds and 25,495 used the services of commercial bail bonds. The number of inmates out on bail represents 54 percent of the jail population. This means that 27,635 inmates stayed in jail either because they could not raise bail or their cases were otherwise resolved.

    In California, about 71 percent of all inmates are those who are not sentenced. This means that they are in jail because they cannot raise bail while they wait for their cases to be determined. A study by KALW found that nearly one-third of the inmates in prison could be out if they could raise bail. However, there have been concerns that bail creates a desperate impact among populations that are poor or economically constrained.

    Taking both sides into account though, it’s clear that bail has significantly decreased the number of inmates in the already overcrowded jails and prisons throughout the country. While the high prison population is still a concern, bail has represented a silver lining to help appease the problem.

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    Jake Brower is a leading Orange County defense attorney, with years of experience handling a wide variety of legal cases. As a criminal defense lawyer, Jake Brower provides aggressive defense for his clients and uses all treatment alternatives available to secure treatment instead of jail time. His practice has and continues to earn high marks in the legal profession, and his primary concern is giving his clients the representation they deserve.

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