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  • An Quick Look At CA’s Criminal Justice Changes

    Posted Nov 15th, 2013 By in Criminal Law With | Comments Off on An Quick Look At CA’s Criminal Justice Changes

    California has been undergoing tremendous changes in the criminal justice system lately. This latest study takes a look at all the changes, and whether or not they are helping California improve:

     Two years after California loaded responsibility for most low-level criminal offenders onto counties, the titanic policy shift, according to a new study, is getting mixed reviews from law enforcement and justice officials, many of whom continue to fret about a possible rise in crime and decline in public safety.

    The Stanford Criminal Justice Center’s eye-opening report is the first comprehensive look at how those involved in one of the most sweeping correctional experiments in recent history really feel about it.

    Researchers fanned out to 21 counties across the state, interviewing 125 representatives of every aspect of the criminal justice system, from police to judges to offenders themselves.

    The study, dubbed “Voices from the Field: How California Stakeholders View Public Safety Realignment,” finds that most are cautiously optimistic about the controversial “realignment” of the criminal justice system. It expanded local control and shifted the emphasis to treatment options for offenders rather than mass incarceration. Many California residents fed up with prison spending also supported the change.

    “What was most surprising was nobody said it should be repealed,” said Stanford law professor Joan Petersilia, the study’s author and an advocate of the change. “They are on board seriously; it’s not just mouthing it, because they know the previous system was failing on almost every dimension,” including the highest recidivism rate in the nation.

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